an invitation to reimagine

I'm receiving these reframings from Benjamin Henretig as a beautiful invitation to ground and support us in tending to our fears, anxiety and grief.May we find some peace, release (cry, scream, move energy through our bodies), relief, rest and wellness through this madness. 🙏🏾💜 Image Description: A list with the heading "Five Creative Reframes in …


special event | radical bodhicitta — embodying justice, liberation + healing

  In this 4-hour immersive experience, practitioners will be guided through embodied meditations and self-inquiry exercises to: Awaken and strengthen the 4 Foundations of Mindfulness and 5 Spiritual Faculties; Deepen skillful understanding of their relationship to privilege, power and oppression; Move toward skillful and sustainable action to cultivate justice, liberation and healing within themselves and …

not your mule, not your mammy | black women’s labor for justice, liberation + healing

So Ala-damn-bama...and the rest of 'Murikkka: Keep your empty thanks and fleeting acknowledgements.  BE BETTER! DO BETTER! First Light of Hanukkah: The Light of Reason that teaches us to see the difference between right and wrong.  — Secular Humanistic Judaism I've been sitting in this query about black women living lives steeped in justice, liberation …

living into community | interfaith thanksgiving service

3 Jewels Yoga

Deeply honored to have had the opportunity to live into community and abide in Spirit with friends on the path last night.

Bowing with gratitude to Rev. Jen Tafel for the energy of her vision and voice to widen the circle of inclusivity on multiple levels at the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service. You took no credit for all the work you did to organize this special event, still your magic shined through! Thank you for bringing us all together and for inviting me to weave my voice into this service.

Celebrating Rev. Phiwa Langeni for doing the damn thang and truly activating the call to embody gratitude for all who were blessed to hear your sermon.

Treasuring the gift of being able to bring radical bodhicitta — the awakened heart of justice, liberation and healing — into the sanctuary by sharing:

the practice of inviting the bell so that we may…

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