radical bodhicitta is the awakened heart and mind of justice, liberation and transformative healing.

it is the commitment to plant, water, and cultivate the seeds of skillful understanding and compassionate action that support our capacity:

to face the realities of bigotry, hate, oppression and white supremacy;

to tend to our suffering from the root causes and continuous traumatic impact of injustice and oppression;

to center our healing, transformation, and wholeness;

to nourish and sustain our well-being.

it is the energy that i lead with, value and wish to protect.
it is the energy that crowns, centers, roots and leads me.

tara scott-miller, founder + facilitator

Tara Scott-Miller is the founder + facilitator of 3 Jewels Yoga  — a Zen-centered contemplative community of refuge, resistance + resilience established in 2011. A graduate of New York University, Tara bridges her interests in cognition and behavior to the spiritual foundations of mindfulness to curate transformative sacred space dedicated to cultivating practices of justice, liberation, and healing. In her 13 years of teaching embodied awareness practices, Tara has hosted community-based dialogues on faith, mental health and intersectional identity for MSU’s Project 60/50; presented healing justice sessions at the Allied Media Conference; led Quaker and Buddhist communities through her intensive  inquiry and discernment model for justice; and co-facilitated workshops on health equity and social justice for a local public health organization.